Our Lastest Thoughts

What is the Best Accounting Software for my Small Business

What Should I Do Next?

The old way of selling

The Things Customers Say. About you.


No Thank You, That is Too Cheap

5 Star is always better than 3. Or is it?

Knowledge is Power. Information can be distracting

Customer Experience. From non Customers

Outdoors is the new indoors. About Business Control

The Dreaded Veil of Invisibility

Your customers are going to take money out of your till

No one Heard You. A Marketing Lament

Your Algorithmic View of life is Limiting

The Total of All the People

Look Mum, no hands. And other pointless stunts.

Only the Packaging

Customers. And Other Customers. A Balancing Act

But That is Not Your Car

That Escalated Quickly

Your Business Plan is Too Big

Is that what you meant?

You Don't Want My Advice

I did not know that

Customer Research - a health warning

That customer satisfaction survey, though.

Customer Experience - The Details

You are not welcome actually

Growing Your Company

Communicate Deliberately

Process And Service Prevention

Designing an Accessible Website

Some Branding Thoughts

The Problem of Being in Charge

How to select a web designer

Integration - it is just right

Some people we are pleased to have worked with

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