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Customer Experience - The Details

By Paul Orangetree

Customer Experience - The Details

 by Paul Orangetree

I visited a large store recently, to make a purchase.   Well, a medium sized store!  They are, however, a fairly important brand in their field, and would be regarded as a premium brand.   Their stuff is good, too. [read on ...]

You are not welcome actually

By Paul Orangetree

You are not welcome actually by Paul Orangetree

From time to time, I visit town. I go there, perhaps, to check out the 'High Street'. Now, although I do have a specific town in mind, I am not going to name them because that would be unfair. [read on ...]

Communicate Deliberately

By Paul Orangetree

Communicate Deliberately by Paul Orangetree

Ask the members of any organisation what the big issues are, and communication crops up. It is not so much the quantity, of course. The fact is, you can communicate endlessly without any actual communication happening. [read on ...]

Process And Service Prevention

By Paul Orangetree

Process And Service Prevention by Paul Orangetree

Customer Service Systems are supposed to support, not prevent, customer service. There can be little debate that in order to be sure that your teams provide the service your wish, some kind of process is a must have thing. [read on ...]

Designing an Accessible Website

By Karen Orangetree

Designing an Accessible Website by Karen Orangetree

The Internet is one of the great levellers of our time, we all get to participate at the same level. It is no respecter of financial status, rank, priviledge or attractiveness. My version of the Internet is exactly the same as everyone elses. [read on ...]

Some Branding Thoughts

By Paul Orangetree

Some Branding Thoughts by Paul Orangetree

I find myself talking about branding a fair bit. I always have. But that is because I am fairly insistent on what we mean by branding. Most people are not too bad at understanding some aspects of it. [read on ...]

The Problem of Being in Charge

By Paul Orangetree

The Problem of Being in Charge by Paul Orangetree

Why does everyone love an underdog? Like drinking tea or queuing up, supporting the underdog is something of a British tradition. We do it in tennis, football and, surprisingly, politics. [read on ...]

How to select a web designer

By Paul Orangetree

How to select a web designer by Paul Orangetree

Rather than describe the ins and outs of the website design and the internet, waffling on for several pages we will assume you have given some thought about why you want a website, what you want it to do and how you want it to do it. [read on ...]

Growing Your Company

By Paul Orangetree

Growing Your Company by Paul Orangetree

Company growth seems, on occasions, to happen by accident. It catches the business owners and managers out. They are not ready for it. They did not cause it. [read on ...]

Integration - it is just right

By Paul Orangetree

Integration - it is just right by Paul Orangetree

When I am reviewing systems in business, so often I feel that sense of dismay as a disjointed array of unconnected systems reveal themselves. What I mean is this. [read on ...]

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