Article by Paul - But That is Not Your Car

But That is Not Your Car

Sometimes, ordinary stuff makes me think about business. 

Today, I wandered across the car park to the other building. It is a beautiful sunny day, after all, and in any case, that is where the post room is.

Another person had recently completed the same task, but had used their car, as they were clearly combining the post room trip with a bid for freedom. As this person left the reception area, I noticed them attempt to get into a car. They failed. They tried the car next to it, and this time it worked, because this second car was, in fact, the one that belonged to them.

The two cars were similar colours. And similar shapes. In fact, at first glance I struggled to identify either of them, and am not going to here, as it is unfair to do so. But they were different brands. And even made in different factories - not just branding by changing the badge, so popular in the trade. It was an easy mistake to make. Entirely forgivable. I am completely overstating the case.

But I am doing this for a reason, and it is to provoke you and I into thinking about our products and services. Which results in me leaving you with a question.

Would anyone notice if they stopped using you, and metaphorically 'got into the wrong car'?

Or to put it more candidly, is what we do important enough, distinctive enough, and recognisable enough to make it easy to continue as our customers?

Paul OrangetreeBusiness Clarity Specialist

Paul Orangetree

Before becoming a director OrangeTree in 2008, Paul had a high flying corporate career leading to a position of director in a multi national, multi million pound company. He has since been involved in the commissioning of a number of very significant online projects, and managing the build and deployment of the resulting sites and systems. He believes passionately that at whatever budget you are operating, the best solution for you is the best solution for you!

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