But That is Not Your Car

Paul Orangetree

Paul Orangetree on But That is Not Your Car

The other day I took a stroll across the office car park to one of the other buildings. That is where the reception is, and where the post gets deposited, and anyway, it was a beautiful sunny day.

I was not alone in my need to collect the post, but the other collector had used their car. I assumed they were on their way out the campus.

As they left the reception area, I noticed them attempt to get into a car. Unsuccessfully. They tried the car next to it, and this time it worked, because this second car was, in fact theirs.

The two cars were almost the same colour. And almost the same shape. In fact, at first glance, I struggled to identify either of them, and am not going to do so here, because that would be unfair, and represent a deviation from the muse. Like when your grand parents tried to tell you about their weeks holiday in Bangor, but got distracted for hours as they argued about the colour of the cardigan Grandma bought at the shop in the High Street.

Oh. Back to the story. The two cars were different brands, and were even made in different factories. But nonetheless, getting them mixed up was entirely forgivable.

I am telling you this for a reason, you know. I have a question. Would anyone notice if they stopped using your business, and metaphorically 'got into the wrong car'?

Paul OrangeTree talks a lot about branding, and offers business consultancy on the subject.

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