The Dreaded Veil of Invisibility

Paul Orangetree

Paul Orangetree on The Dreaded Veil of Invisibility

You put a lot of effort into making your business visible, I hope. Let's assume you do. Let's assume it has worked fairly well. People know you exist as a business. Trust me, you are already in the upper half of the business population.

And then, for whatever reason, your marketing effort slows up. You lose interest in it, perhaps, or something else comes along to take your attention.

Or, course, you are busy. You have customers now. They take up your time. The till is ringing.

Whilst all that good stuff is happening, outside something else is happening. People's inability to remember literally everyone they ever heard of starts to kick in. One by one, they forget. Other people pop up above the horizon. It is like the inexorable fall of darkness, or the sobering closure of a curtain over the whole theatre of activity. Well, your activity. You are the one over whom the curtain is now closing. They cannot see you. They are filing out the theatre into the street. They are at another show.

I think you get the picture.

This is why consistency is such a really key part of your marketing efforts. In fact, consistency out punches those short bursts of intense activity. They will work, but if they are not backed up by a sustainable pace of marketing effort, they fade away all too quickly.

We conduct our marketing in a room full of noise. Other people are marketing, and you and I need to be heard. We can only stop if everyone else agrees to stop, and even then it is a risk.

There is another reason, too. Our audience is remarkably transient. People change jobs. The people to whom you explained your business two years ago all work someone else now. That might be good for you, it might be bad. But either way, the new people need to hear your message today.

There is a reason why big players keep their marketing up, even when it appears to have worked. We have many more episodes of 'Go-Compare Dude' to endure, I can assure you, because they know if they stop we will immediately go to Compare the Meerkat.

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