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Paul Orangetree

Paul Orangetree on Only the Packaging

Yesterday I walked into the office, and started in some measure of alarm at the sight that greeted me.

Right in front of me was, was am empty pampers box. I looked around the office, accusingly.

The explanation was a relief. We had had some new waste paper bins delivered. In order to be consistent with our branding, they were orange. They had been dispatched, as you will by now have guessed, in a box.

This left me slightly torn. On the one hand, the supplier had reused a cardboard box. On the other, they had missed a branding opportunity.

Of course, this is not a massive crime. It's not a crime at all. After all, it's only the packaging.

But it did make me think. It is the small details that get forgotten, and that detract from our branding. Sending out items purchased in old cereal boxes, or even boxes that are massively too big for the item, all add to the conversation about the customer experience.

And I am not just talking about products sent through the post. In fact, I am not really talking about that at all. I am talking about whatever it is that your business sells. How is your training packaged? Or your website service? Or your seminar? Or your marketing advice?

It does create an impression. It is a part of your branding. It does matter. You can impact negatively on your brand by wrapping your stuff in a second hand nappy box.

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