Article by Paul - Your Business Plan is Too Big

Your Business Plan is Too Big

I have a couple of tips for people, like you, who want to do things well.  This is not a long list, as the title might imply.

First, only pick the number of things to do that you realistically can deliver.  You know that thing you hear?  'I have prioritised 7 things'.  That will never work.  Far better to prioritise one thing - the right one thing - and line up 2 or 3 to follow.  

Secondly, get good at picking the right things. This includes not picking things, too - some stuff just will never make it to the list. Getting that deselection right is a key to not being too busy. 

It sounds overly simple, doesn't it?  But it works.  Don't take on too much, and get the really key stuff to the top of the list.

I have sat in  board meetings with people discussing huge volumes of trivia and detail whilst an obvious, business threatening, problem is right there, lurking at the door. 

Be certain your plans are real, deliverable and measurable.  I know you have heard all this before, but just in case, as some of us do, it had slipped your mind, I am reminding you.  Because the success of your business is riding on this. 

Paul OrangeTree has delivered seminars and training on business planning, and will happily review your business plans too.  

Paul OrangetreeBusiness Clarity Specialist

Paul Orangetree

Before becoming a director of OrangeTree in 2008, Paul had a successful corporate career leading to a position of director in a multi national, multi million pound company. Paul believes that a clear approach to organisation, to customer experience management, to planning, and to brand, lie at the heart of building a successful busines. He talks about this a lot! And is able to help you to deliver these things in your business.

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