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Paul Orangetree on The Things Customers Say.  About you.

A bit of a marketing duel broke out in the closing days of 2021, between Tesco and Aldi.

Tesco were keen to point out that they were price matching a lot of stuff to Aldi. Aldi were quick to point out that if you wanted to price match to Aldi, then a brilliant way of doing that was to visit Aldi. And so on.

This provoked some social media action, in which long threads formed in which people talked about which of the two supermarkets they used.

Actually, it was 100's of people.

I was struck by one particular comment. This was entirely typical of most of the comments on the thread. It went like this:

'Well, I don't care if Tesco costs me more, because the apple turnover at Aldi is disgusting'. Now, let me be clear, there was a balance overall in both directions. This thread is not an appraisal of apple turnover options that you face. And in any case, I lack the delicacy of palette that would make anyone's apple turnover get so low an appraisal.

But as you market, remember that sometimes your customers:

  1. Do not think as you do.
  2. Are actually caught up on quite trivial details.
  3. And less price sensitive than they claim.

But most of all, remember this. There is a conversation happening about you. Someone out there is calling your apple turnover disgusting, when it is not, and you might want to lead the conversation about your business.

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