5 Star is always better than 3. Or is it?

Paul Orangetree

Paul Orangetree on 5 Star is always better than 3.  Or is it?

It is interesting how we grade hotels, I think. We give them stars, and obviously a 5 star hotel is top of the pile.

Or is it?

The stars essentially relate to a tick box of things the hotel has. The list of amenities. The size of the rooms. Swimming pools and gyms - all that kind of stuff. And it is nice stuff.

I was recently upgraded on a trip. The new hotel was impressive. But it got me thinking about the essence of good customer experience, because, to be candid, I didn't think this hotel was better.

And this blog is not about hotels, really. It is about customer experience management.

Customer experience management has people right at the centre. A bigger bedroom does not replace friendly staff.

In our own businesses that is worth giving some thought to. All the other stuff matters, but a very precise procedure does not replace a smile, or a helpful attitude, or a friendly and chatty reception. The food is amazing, but the staff's body language makes you almost feel unwelcome in the dining room.

When thinking about this topic, start with how you are making customers feel - right from the moment they arrive on your premises. They will remember that for longer than the chocolate duck on the pillow, or the extra swimming pool in the roof garden. Train your staff, and yourself, in how the subtle bits of their behaviour will linger long in the memories of customers.

For the record, the hotel pictured was amongst the best I have been to, and did not prompt this article!

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