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BIG ish Data.

So what is it and what's the big deal?

Traditionally big data is huge! Far too many digits to even contemplate. Most bespoke systems are good for a few hundred thousand records without choking. At Orangetree we like to be the inbetweeners ... smart enough to cope and accessible enough not to cost the earth. In our case we like to think of systems that are slick and affordable with a few million records.

Trying to think of a scenario?

Well, the UK postcode data contains roughly 1.7 million records and the land registry data for properties sold/updated for the period 2018 to March 2020 is about 2 million, so 1.7 million X 2 million is quite a big dataset if you want to do any useful analysis. As a test, if we try to find the coordinates for a postcode and then use some maths to get properties sold within x miles of that postcode, that sounds like a tricky task (unless of course you are running a very very expensive server!). You can see how that works here, but please don't shoot us for the quality of the data which comes straight from the land registry, so it's the governments fault not ours!

This demonstration is largely based on a system we developed on behalf of a company that completes market research for new house builders. If you are interested in this or have another system challenge for us, please get in touch, we'd love to talk it through.

So, if you want to try please add a postcode below and press the search button.

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