We have an approach, fine tuned over a number of years, that has delivered transformational results for businesses ranging from one person operations to the senior teams of large multi national corporations.

It is a part of our business consultancy offering.  And it does use a flip chart - so far, not so amazing.

But the results are amazing.  I spend either half a day, or a whole day, listening to you explain your  business to me.  I will throw in some leading questions.  I will throw in some awkward questions.  I will throw in some constructive suggestions.

The goal of this piece of business consultancy is to end up with a very clear picture of your business, and a very clear picture of what matters require focus to take it forward. For this reason, this session can be of huge value before committing to a larger piece of consultancy work.

At the end of the day, you end up with a business plan on one page.  Or one flip chart, to be more precise.  And a sense of focus that is sometimes a bit exciting. 

Some people we are pleased to have worked with

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