The approach to business consultancy that we take is drawn from over 35 years in business, and specifically 15 years of providing advice to other businesses.

Very often, what will happen next in your business or organisation is fairly predictable based on what is being done today. It is just hard to make that connection when you are too close to the challenge. That is where a business consultant brings value - they bring clarity, and a fresh pair of eyes. When that is twinned with a lot of experience and knowledge that can really start to bring high impact results.

You get an individual look at your business, too. Not a generic proposal pulled from a shelf full of things previously written. We listen to you. We seek to understand your requirements, and spend time looking at your business. Possible ways forward will be discussed with you, not simply written in a report for you to read.

It's a bit like having a personalised training session using your own reality as the workshop exercises!

The amount of consultancy you need might vary. You are not required to sign up for time you will never need. Why not take the consultancy a day at a time, for example?

Let's talk

It's worth a chat if you:

  1. Suspect your business could perform better
  2. Are struggling to make financially sensible things happen
  3. Want to change your business.
  4. Have a management team that you would like to be helped through the challenges of the business
  5. Don't have a management team, and would like a fresh pair of eyes cast over your business.

Your Buiness

We have, historically, worked with micro businesses. We have also worked with large multi national corporations. We have sat as an interim board member on companies to help provide additional input to key decisions. We have operated management problem solving days, or training days, always focusing on something actually happening in the business right now.

Business Consultancy is a very varied thing! We are very happy to talk to you before you have any commitment, to see whether we can help at all.

Some people we are pleased to have worked with

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