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OrangeTree Online started building websites in 2009. Before that we were building websites! You see, we were formed by a merger of two existing, successful businesses.  One of those two businesses had already a strong reputation for building websites. 

Broadly speaking, we have been building websites for a long time Last century, in fact That is a lot of website building experience

Where are we?

OrangeTree Online has offices in the north of County Durham, in the north east of England We have an amazing view from our office window, actually.

We work with customers throughout the UK, as you would expect.

What about your website?

We would love to talk to you about your website, if you would like that. We build large and small websites, for companies large and small Our customers range from multi national corporations to micro businesses Your project is important to us.

How much will your website cost?

As mentioned opposite, there are many things that can impact the cost of a website and mostly it is best to have a chat and let us prepare a quote.

However, a basic website design and build will cost £500.00 plus VAT

What happens if you choose OrangeTree Online?

  1. First we talk.  In fact, you talk first, and we listen We want to understand what you are wishing to achieve, and discuss with you some of the options available to you.
  2. We quote you are price to go with the specification we have following section 1.
  3. If you wish to go ahead, we ask for a small deposit, and go ahead Unless there is a material change to the specification the price does not change
  4. When you are happy, the website goes live.
  5. After your website has gone live, we still take an interest in it.It is possible that once it is live you might want a few minor tweaks That is not unusual, and certainly not a problem

We care about

We have our own website content management system, Orangebox, which we are kind of proud of. It is entirely point and click and what you see really is what you get!

Some people we are pleased to have worked with

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