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You can't focus on communicating deliberately and not take the opportunity to use this space to say hello!

Paul on branding ... "customer experience will, ultimately, define what people believe your brand to be" read more

Orangetree Flipcharting ... the results are amazing. I spend either half a day, or a whole day, listening to you explain your business to me.

Years in the motor trade, rising from dealership accountant to Director. A passion for business, a clear thinker with the ability to tackle the tough stuff head on. Paul Orangetree.

Paul on system integration ... When I am reviewing systems in business, so often I feel that sense of dismay as a disjointed array of unconnected systems reveal themselves.

Customer Service Systems are supposed to support, not prevent, customer service. A stark warning from Paul. read more.

Paul has graced boardrooms, big and small, national and international. Aware that time is a truly valuable resource he is committed to seeing the obvious quickly and communicating it clearly. Want to benefit from some of his huge experience? Check out our consultancy services

Paul is a fascinating person to work with. He makes everything seem so simple, logical and obvious. If Paul could be cloned, my recommendation would be for every business to have one!

Websites. Systems. Design. Code.

It is rare for Karen to step away from the backroom! So, hello from back there

Have you thought about website accessibility? Accessibility matters. Karen on accessibile design.

A background in engineering laid the foundation of a career in development. Web and application development. A keen advocate of the accessible web and happy to dive into the database. Thinking in flowcharts is a gift! Listening is a skill.

Orangetree Websites. There are some pretty geeky things, that are enormously important and we look after those for you so you don't have to

WARM. Waste and Recycling Management. A system close to her heart. Developed over many years in 'real-world' companies. It's helped waste management businesses grow and succeed.

Verus. Sarbanes-Oxley standard inventory checking for the Motortrade.

Orange Timesheets. A cloud based system for your mobile workforce.

When we needed a bespoke online stock management, call-off and distribution system, Paul and his team at Orangetree developed the perfect system that catered for all our (and our client's) needs.

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