Growing Your Company

Company growth seems, on occasions, to happen by accident. It catches the business owners and managers out. They are not ready for it. They did not cause it.

Growing Your Company

Of course, no-one is going to lightly turn away business growth if it just happens! But when the time comes to encourage or let your business expand, you need to consider some important things:

  1. Will the cash flow work?
  2. Will I have enough of the right people to do the work?
  3. Do I have enough space to work in?
  4. How will I handle the increased administration?
  5. Have I checked this new, bigger, business makes more money than the old, smaller one?

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Paul Norman

Paul NormanBefore becoming a director OrangeTree in 2008, Paul was involved in the commissioning of a number of very significant online projects, and managing the build and deployment of the resulting sites and systems. He believes passionately that at whatever budget you are operating, the best solution for you is the best solution for you!