Integration - it is just right

When I am reviewing systems in business, so often I feel that sense of dismay as a disjointed array of unconnected systems reveal themselves.

Integration - it is just right

What I mean is this. Each department is recording its own information. In its own way. Data is rekeyed, often multiple times. Data is 'cold', in other words devoid of workflow and process.

Errors are multiplied with each miskey. Management decisions are made based on information that may not even be that accurate, and certainly does not arise in a joined up way from what is actually happening in your business.

I like to see integration. Nothing is keyed twice. Every. Information is not passed, by rekeying, from one part of the company's systems to another. It is not even moved by a series of copy and paste actions. It flows.

On the way, it passes information, suitable for your organisation, to the right people, gathering as it does more, relevant information.

For example, website enquiries hit the prospect management system. Stock management and your ecommerce backoffice system are totally integrated. Your customer can raise delivery requests from a portal that flow directly into your order management system.

I am sure you will be able to think of more examples. Perhaps even wishes, relating to your business.

We really believe in this kind of joined up thinking in OrangeTree.

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Paul Norman

Paul NormanBefore becoming a director OrangeTree in 2008, Paul was involved in the commissioning of a number of very significant online projects, and managing the build and deployment of the resulting sites and systems. He believes passionately that at whatever budget you are operating, the best solution for you is the best solution for you!